Bluetooth not working on Asus PCE AX3000 card

Hello all, hoping you can help me out. I have a new Asus PCE AX300 Wfif card with 5.2 Bluetooth. After install the wifi works perfectly, but the bluetooth is "inactive" according to terminal. I tried bluez and no luck so I went to the Asus website and they have this driver for the card but I am not sure how to install it.

It says it supports Linux Kernel 5.1 and 5.2, looking in terminal I have
Kernal 5.15 generic
I am running Zorin 16.1

How would I install the driver? it does not show up under additional drivers on software updater.

Thank you so much for the help!


I had the same issue once and Found the reason that Bluetooth and WiFi works on the same frequencies 2.4 GHZ and interfere each other resulting in shut down of either one of them. No Driver will help you. But I found some Solutions :-

  1. Buy an Ethernet cable for Internet connection.
  2. Set your WiFi frequency to 5 GHZ (if available in your router) through your internet settings.

Only these two methods will help you to use both of them together. I hope you Find the Solution You are Looking For :smiley:


Whilst this topic is Windows based it might throw some light on a possible solution, in particular the last post about needing a USB connection to the motherboard, but please read the entire thread.


i figured it out from the help of both of you thank you @anon6471198 and @swarfendor437 . The card needs to have the USB cable that came with it plugged into the USB connector on the motherboard (I built this computer, but nowhere in the network card directions does it say that.

Now I have to figure out where to plug it in as my case uses all the USB connections on my motherboard. May have to suck it up and just go without bluetooth. Oh well....
Thank you for your help

If you can afford it and have a spare slot you could get a usb card. These usually include an internal usb port.

Alternatively this would give you two internal ports

Thanks @swarfendor437 I willl look into this. Does this one accept the four pin connector wire that came with the Asus card? Mine is a 4 pin (female) connector on each end.



Sorry thought it was straight A USB cable. Will do another search.

What about this card which has male molex connection on the card?

Cools Thank you very much @swarfendor437 will look into this or figure out how to go around my video card to connect to mother board. If there is a port.

Sorry, just getting over a flu like virus infection. Molex connector to motherboard for power, not USB connection.

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