Bluetooth ORICO BTA-508 and SonicGear Airphone 7

I Have two device Sound Output is OK after install driver

but the Input sound not working


Check if it's muted or volume is set low in Pulseaudio.

sudo apt install pavucontrol

There is no device in input

Try with;


and see if you can find it there.

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As Storm mentions open Alsamixer in terminal.
Have a look at inputs and see if any are showing "M" muted.
Also have a play (i.e. experiment) with the "Automute" and also "Loopback" settings.

From my personal experience, sound settings do not always follow normal logic so you may have to try a few different things and see what happens.

Another thing that may be contributing could be Bluetooth itself. There are a few threads on here complaining about mic not working on their bluetooth headsets, but no real solution.

I don't know what version or flavour of ZorinOS you are using, but you could maybe try Z16 Core Beta, which may provide better support for latest devices.