Bluetooth problems again

I have installed Zorin 17 beta on my Acer Aspire E15 and once again it does not detect my bluetooth hardware. The strange thing is id did at first and I was connected for about an hour. It suddenly disconnected and when I went to reconnect it said no bluetooth device available. I love Zorin and run it on my desktop machine with no issues. I have had Solus, Mint, PCLinux all on my laptop before with no Bluetooth issues. Just frustrating. I will look into it more and try and grab some screenshots etc, befor I revert to a different distro.,

Can you post more info

inxi -Fxxrzc0

lsusb; dmesg | egrep -i 'blue|firm'
hciconfig -a

In terminal try :

scan on
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Welcome! :smile:

Laptop hardware can be - tricky sometimes.. Mostly due to hardware vendors not releasing code, sadly.

What is the output of rfkill list and sudo lshw | grep -i bluetooth?

I did some digging and seems like you have a Qualcom Aetheros AR3012 - is this correct? Just making sure, was looking for a driver if needed.

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