Bluetooth Software Working Weirdly

I recently started using Apple Airpods Pro on Zorin Os Lite and started to face a problem of frequent disconnection from the Bluetooth headset. I also faced the problem of my wi-fi network slowing down and videos buffering when Bluetooth enabled and got a solution to change my wi-fi channel to avoid interference in both the networks. But sometimes when I start both the services, the bluetooth service either stops connecting to my Airpods or Entirely Freezes still. Bluetooth manager does not start working until I restart my PC.

Sometimes After Connecting to the Airpods and then trying to connect to my wi-fi it works for while but as I start watching online videos it stops working after sometime. It behaves like it won't start until I restart my PC. I tried to use the Blutooth manager and connect to my headsets but it starts showing an error saying resource not available or connection timed out. I unistalled and reistalled bluez but nothing helped even restarting the service and everything on the web.

Please help me with a Permanent solution to this Problem and I can also not afford a dual band 5ghz wireless router so please do not suggest that :joy:.


See if any of the solutions here help.

Also I am wondering if it is power management issue.


Thanks :smiley:


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