Blurry screen after driver installation. (Se aceptan respuestas en español)

Last night I was trying to install a different NVIDIA driver for my PC. While trying to do that I installed a lot of things I don't know what they meant thanks to ChatGPT. Now, I turn on the pc and I have a permanent blurry screen after logging in. I can and I'm actually using the OS, but I opened Edge and now I can't do anything else, not even maximize the Edge Windows. I'm very sure I deserve this because of playing with things I don't know, but I use my pc to work and I don't have hours and hours to waste finding a solution as I did in the past, so I decided to post here, hoping some help. From now on, thank you.

I just opened a Terminal. I can't write in it, but I can't use it either, how I am supposed to fix the problem if I can't use a terminal?

Does pasting a command in work? Right click > paste
Test with

sudo apt update

ChatGPT includes Chat History. If you can access and provide that history - it may be helpful.

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