Blurry screen after driver installation. (Se aceptan respuestas en español)

Last night I was trying to install a different NVIDIA driver for my PC. While trying to do that I installed a lot of things I don't know what they meant thanks to ChatGPT. Now, I turn on the pc and I have a permanent blurry screen after logging in. I can and I'm actually using the OS, but I opened Edge and now I can't do anything else, not even maximize the Edge Windows. I'm very sure I deserve this because of playing with things I don't know, but I use my pc to work and I don't have hours and hours to waste finding a solution as I did in the past, so I decided to post here, hoping some help. From now on, thank you.

I just opened a Terminal. I can't write in it, but I can't use it either, how I am supposed to fix the problem if I can't use a terminal?

Does pasting a command in work? Right click > paste
Test with

sudo apt update

ChatGPT includes Chat History. If you can access and provide that history - it may be helpful.

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ChatGPT is not a reliable source. It gets many things wrong. It will be years before that artificial intelligence is close to a sixth graders ability to resolve issues. It should be used for entertainment and all recommendations researched for validity. You will continue to have problems if you use it to resolve issues and take it seriously.

You can always boot into recovery mode, remove any offending drivers, rename your ~/.config file and start from a fresh desktop after rebooting.