Blurry texts on screen

Hello I have a problem in my new Zorin OS 16.3
Text kept blurred, not like in windows 11 ...please help!

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This might be helpful:

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Which edition of ZorinOS 16.3 are you using, particularly if it is Gnome or XFCE desktop. We cannot see that from your profile as you have listed all the different editions.

Also give details of specification of your Pc, particularly what graphics card or cards you have installed.

You can also attach a screenshot of your blurry fonts, which may help diagnosis.

Please do start more threads or gatecrash other threads with the same question. Stick with this thread and await replies. Thanks. Zab


Hey, I'm using Zorin OS 16.3 core edition, it's Gnome.
My PC is acer aspire 5, intel UHD graphics dedicated GPU.

Installed the great Zorin OS 16.3 core yeterday..
Glad you replied my question. Thanks

Have you looked at the link provided by littlekn above.
As you have Core (Gnome), follow the steps to install Gnome Tweaks, then try fonts there.

As I mentioned, a screenshot would help us see the problem you are facing.
You can attach a screenshot to your post by using the "Upload" tool, 7th from the left, on the forum reply box toolbar.

It would help us if you could edit your forum profile to indicate you are using "Core", not all the ZorinOS editions listed.

I would check font anti-aliasing, first.
Install gnome tweak tool

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Move to the Fonts tab, then disable anti-aliasing.
Not all applications will respect the system settings in regards to fonts (e.g. pdf readers) so check that apps settings, as well.

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Thank you brother!

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