Blutooth no connect

I have tried bluetooth connectins with my Noteboook.
No function with ZorinOS Impossible to connect
Then i have installed debian it runs ok.
The same problem is under Virtualbox with my PC . there i have 3 other ubuntu derivates all the same problem
susb | grep Bluetooth
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0bda:2550 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Bluetooth Radio
But impossible to connect - the debian in VirtualBox all ok.

See also:

I don't have Bluetooth on my desktop so not an issue for me, and yes I prefer virt-manager! :sunglasses:

thanks for helpnes - yes i know how to do bluetooth connect in VirtualBox Using Debian 12 it runs very well, using Ubuntu and also ZorinOS it doesnt.
I have tried in the meantime another notebook a Fujitsu Lifebook E-Series and also there with a bluetooth USBDongle too. I have startet Debian 12 Live on USB Stick and ZorinOS16 XFCE also on USB Live Stick to test. The problems with a Ubuntu derivat are same installing as a host. And there also Debian no Problem.
Both find the Bluetooth devices .

But Only Debian 12 allows Bluetooth start and connect. On the other Notebook the Ideapad where ZorinOS 16 as Host installed i have changed to Debian 12, because i ihave to give forward the nortebook to the user wgich i helped to change fro Windows7 to Linux. He needs of course bluetooth same as in WIndows 7 . You see under debian i can open the Bluetooth Menue and of course he find nearby Bluetooth devices ZorinOS not possible to open this menue.

Sorry but when i look in the foren i found much of problems bluettoth with ubuntu / ZorinOs and in my function of a old IT People an programmer i ask me, dont read Ubuntu developer such and look for resolve the problem? And it is not a good resolve to bring bluetooth ready with tricks and screws . TSuch thins must run with install at once. There are people they want to use their old notebook with windows 7 faster and usable with linux becaus windows 10 is to slowly and perhaps do not run on the oldie. An this people ar not IT-Screwers
Perhaps there is a Developer of ZorinOS in this forum and read it and go on to resolve the problem, or ask debian how to do (laugh, laugh).

Having done some more delving your bluetooth device only works in Debian Testing, Arco Linux, Debian 11 and Rosa 12.3:

You must remember that the majority of hardware is built for that other OS.
You would be better purchasing a Linux dedicated Bluetooth device:

ok. Thanks . When older Systems and also newer runs his Bluetooth with Debian, I think - than i ask me why dont it with Ubuntu. And my result is in this case : Ubuntus Developer have they work not made enough.
In future when someone want to change from Windows7 to Linux i give him Debian Linux, so long until Zorin says we have resolved it and mow we are as good as Debian. It is right ?

Partial blame can lay at Ubuntu's doors as Debian launched a Debian consortium to allow exchange of ideas and software development to include all OS's that use Debian at its core. Ubuntu declined the invitation. I also think it may be a kernel issue. I haven't checked what kernels the other OS's use. But for consistency of use it is always better to use dedicated hardware. I had purchased an Asus soundcard from ThinkPenguin, but could not get it to work, even with their advice. I returned it and got a full refund. I don't expect there would be any issues with a Bluetooth Dongle from them. The other element with the Linux kernel is that some drivers might become deprecated as a result of demands for improvements elsewhere.

Have you tested a higher kernel on Zorin OS yet?

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tuxinvader/lts-mainline

sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-generic-6.03

I have tried now the elemantary OS last version 7.1 it has the last Ubuntu kernel 22.04.3 LTS. First i have tried the live version and therfore i put the same USB 5.0 Bluetooth Dongle i have tried with zoriniOS 16 with no success. Ok He found at once my smart watch - and then i have installed it as host device. Test agin. all ok and also connect with my smartphone.

Glad to hear. Try MX-Linux 23.1 KDE in live mode. It is based on Debian 12.2 ("bookworm") and uses the 6.1 kernel. With some tweaking you can get it to look like this:

I noticed you posted that the bluetooth device is using version 5.0, and that could be the issue. Patching in Zorin OS might provide a solution:

In the meantime i have installed Zorinos 16 PRO and PRO lite and lite once more in VirtualBox, there i have installed 6 others Linux derivates
All running well with my Bt-Adapter
Only Zorinos no accessable - in the lite version there are coming the info: Aeroplane mode must be off. "Crazy".
So my result is, not usable Zorinos for Bluetooth users at time.
I hope someone from Zorinos developers read it.
i have tried also USB 5.0 and 5.1 now with MX 23.1 under Vmware workstation.
Connect is also o.k. Same as in VirtualBox.
In Virtual Box i have tried different Ubuntu Versions and they run also with the 5.1 Dongle and 5.0 Dongle but not Zorinos 16 Prof and Prof Lite. In the lite version do not laugh is coming the notice disconnect aeroplane switch. And of course looking in Terminal the Device Bluetooth USB is found and ON . So my resume is: bug in ZorinOS they have not prepared the OS with the right Bluetooth Functions. I have seen that Linux LIte is also running bluetooth and it is good for older notebooks the used ram is really minimal around 700 Mbytes. The MX needs over 1100 Mbytes for oldies with two GB RAM too small. Perhaps you have also a idea for older notebooks or is there a small MX version available with XFCE ?

another test i have made. On a newer notebook DELL XPS 15 7590 run the live USB stick ZorinOS16 Pro lite and there the Bluetooth runs with inside BT Chip.
A Test with MX linux OS 6.1 also was successfull.
What i think about:
But the fact is for better understanding for using linux in older Windows Notebboks; the lite Versions (in this case Zorin16 pro lite use 900 MB ) should be use in older notebooks and therefore are the included drivers poorly provided in numbers . The intended finish should be, test with a Live Stick and see if your old notebook works with it better then before with windows XP or WIndows7.
I hope my statement reaches the Zorin OS developers, because Debian shows that it works, as my tests show.
Do any of you know how to easily install device drivers, for example for Bluetooth, and where to get them? In Windows it is easy to install a driver without being an expert.

99,9% of the drivers are in the kernels - so you have to update/upgrade the kernel if you missing a driver.

MX-Linux is not 6.1 - that is the kernel in use. Both KDE Plasma and xfce versions are 23.1. The only other lite distribution for older notebooks is Antix which does not use mainstream DE (Desktop Environment) but Ice-WM (Window Manager) by default, plus some other WM's and fluxbox.

You can also add other DE's such as LXDE:

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