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What books about linux you can advice? My primary is Polish but maybe some books also are translated. I know some topic was before but asking because more people here and discovered or have more information where catch some good fishing about linux. I have a kindle then e-book could be also.

I find the best way to learn about Linux (Zorin in particular), is to write your own book of useful information and commands. That way you create a source of information that is relevant to your own needs. Also to contain tweaks neccessary to get Zorin working properly and to your personal liking, specific to your machine.


Hi Bourne
I can recommend "The Linux Command Line" which you can download as a PDF for free.

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I must check if I don't have finished read this book on e-book.

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I like the thoughts presented here. I only wish I had done that when I set up the first one. I installed a wallpaper rotator that I liked and don't remember where I found it.

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How working Linux. Author Brian Ward.

Linux. Komendy i polecenia. Author Lukasz Sosna,linkp5.htm#format/d

Mandriva Linux. Pierwsze starcie. Instalacja, konfiguracja i obsługa. Author Piotr Czarny,mandli.htm#format/d

Linux. Wprowadzenie do wiersza poleceń. Wydanie II Author [William Shotts],linwp2.htm#format/d

Linux. Biblia. Wydanie X Author [Christopher Negus],linubx.htm#format/d
This is some books maybe someone know them and can sayed something about them.

Linux All-in-One For Dummies

Author Emmett Dulaney

Linux for Windows Addicts: A Twelve Step Program for Habitual Windows Users. 1st Edition

by Michael Joseph Miller (Author)

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