/boot free disk space upgrade

How do i increase the size or free space in /boot

See the answer with 713 votes here:

Please be aware you need to replace the kernel versions in that answer to the ones on your system.

Also play safe before upgrading. Backup all your critical data, including hidden files in your /home directory.

Thank you for the above reply. I went into /boot and typed out ...
sudo rm 101

I then rebooted and it's on the 105 generic.

Now I'm stuck at the system not recognizing free space to upgrade. How do I get the system updater to utilize the attached USB drive?

Hello, I'm still trying to find a solution. I'll post back if I find anything.

so far nothing found. still looking.

Lookslike you need to increase the partition size of your /boot. Open Gparted and share screenshot.

i'm confused.
/boot influences USB use?

On a side note I have had instances where an OS has totally stopped due to /var becoming maxed out. Have you looked at removing earlier kernels? This hopefully should resolve /boot space issues.

Your system is installed on your internal drive. So you need to free spaces in your internal drive where your os is installed. Your external removable USB drive will not be helpful here to add extra free spaces to the /boot which is present inside your internal drive.

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