Boot loop not a UBUNTU boot loop issue

So not a new user and begining to feel like Zorin looks great but its a huge waste of my time. Installs fine runs great I have a clean setup ATOM, GIMP, Chrome and thats about it no extensions or anything weird no customizations. So this has happened 3 times and it happens on a per-user basis meaning I create 3 users and each one ends up locked out. I go to login and it takes my password and then drops back to login screen, skip go to the next user that user works for about a few hours or a day then same issue. I mean I’ve had vanilla Ubuntu installed (dual boot with Winbloze) for 2-3 years no issues… anyone experience this or can help? I have googled it and can’t find much. I really like zorin performance and look but… [deleted by moderator: circumvention of profanity filter with abbreviation] IMHO right now… cheers thanks for any help

If, at the login screen, typeCtrl+Alt+F2, you should get to the terminal prompt.
If you login via that do you get any errors when trying to login?
I’m hoping more than login denied.

If you are able to login then typing:


May show you messages and might show you some reasons for the errors.