Boot loop with reset system error after installing zorin on HP 820 g2

I firstly used blena etcher but formatted and i used rufus.

It shows this

Is your computer 32bit?

I dont know can i check it on the live usb

See this: How To Know If You Have 32 Bit or 64 Bit Computer in Linux and Windows

Scroll down to where this terminal command is proposed:


(Separate question: did you check the SHA256 checksum of your downloaded .iso before createing your ZorinOS live USB?)

Here it is

I didn't check it, does that cause compatibility issues.

Ok, you have a 64bit i5 @2.4gHz.

Just needed to be sure.

If you don't check the SHA256, you will not know if the .iso file been corrupted during downloading or otherwise.

You installed to an EFI installation, expecting a GPT disk, to an MBR on an extended partition.

Extended partitions are not bootable. Only primary partitions are bootable in MBR. There is a limit to 4 Primary partitions.

EFI and Zorin system partition must be Primary. Windows must be primary. All other partitions should be extended.

This is why the alongside Windows method is not always recommended. You should use the Partition & Install guide to help with partitioning and installation.


I was just recently reading that, i will try but the disk is gpt not mbr.

It may be, but the partitions are configured as MBR. This begs the question why Legacy mode is on and why Windows is installed that way.

You may want to explore how to change Legacy Windows installation to EFI. That will solve some of your issues. Then the extended partitions can be changed to primaries.


Ok, i am reinstalling now here is the gparted, iwant to delete existing zorin partitions but 488mb partition unable to delete (please unmount any logical partions having higher than 5) and the swap partition greyed out not have options active.

Are you in your zorin installation? Partition management must be done with the live image because partitions can not be in use when you manage them.

Swap is in use by your Zorin installation, so no actions can be performed on it.

Boot the live image and choose try Zorin. Then open gparted and you can make your changes to all of the partitions.

This is all explained in Partition & Install

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