Boot Partition Too Small on Upgrade

I have loved Zorin OS since I discovered and began using it in 2014 and have purchased Pro installs since Zorin 14.

I have a number of machines and as a lazy past Unix professional was interested in the Zorin Upgrade app and path. I run LUKS encrypted partitions and have been dismayed that the standard boot partition on all my machines (Zorin 15 and 16) are too small by around 60MB for the upgrade to continue.

I'm too lazy to effect a fix and will probably re-install to 17 after backup.

Before I do, are there any recommended approaches to take in order to simply Upgrade?

Thanks (and thanks for your work on Zorin OS, I have convinced many to ditch popular OSs for Zorin)

Honestly, it sounds a lot like performing a fresh install is your best bet. You can spare yourself that hassle of resizing existing partitions and just set your partitions to your desired size at the point of reinstall.

I wonder if upgrade to 17 Core, then 17 Core to Pro would take less space and work.

But accept clean install of Z17 Pro may be best bet, after fully backing up user files.