Boot process is ending in Black Screen (Terminal?)

I'm really new in Linux/Zorin OS. I installed Core on my Mac Mini and everything worked fine for a few weeks! But since yesterday the boot process is ending in Black Screen (Terminal?) with following prompt:

Zorin OS 16.3 user tty1
user login:

Here I can login with my pin and then there is only "Terminal".
How can I repair? Get the GUI back again?
Thanks !

After user login in the terminal, try;


if there some error feedback take a picture of it.

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Thank you! Here is a photo from the feedback

In your screenshot, we can see "Directory nonexistent" and "No such file or directory."
This may mean that

  • Root has filled and has no free space
  • Some form of hardware failure has occurred
  • A loose cable connecting the drive
  • Bad Sectors or Blocks on the drive.

Or a combination of the above. The first thing I would do is run fsck and S.M.A.R.T. test on the drive. If able - ensure you have back ups of your personal data.
I terminal, you can use df -Th command to check free space in Root (and over-all).

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The output of the two commands is following:

The first image shows that you have used only 19% of your available space for Root.
I think we can eliminate Filled Root Logs as a cause.

Your second image shows that you proceed to run fsck on a mounted disk.

I take responsibility. In trying to respond to many posts - I am too hurried sometimes. I presumed that you would make use of available guides and properly execute the necessary fsck commands.

The warning printed in terminal tells you

WARNING!!! The filesystem is mounted. If you continue you WILL
cause SEVERE filesystem damage.

In order to run fsck, the user must boot into a LiveMedia to run the command.

Are you able to access your Personal Data on the drive or have you been regularly making backups?

Ich kann auf das Laufwerk zugreifen, auf die persönlichen Daten auch.

Translated: I can access the drive, as well as the personal data.

I highly recommend backing up personal data and doing a fresh install of Zorin OS.

Something has already gone wrong; but the additional possibility of file system damage from fsck run on mounted disk makes it too risky to really to salvage the current install.

Ich empfehle dringend, persönliche Daten zu sichern und eine Neuinstallation von Zorin OS durchzuführen.

Etwas ist bereits schief gelaufen; Aber die zusätzliche Möglichkeit eines Dateisystemschadens durch `fsck', der auf einer gemounteten Festplatte ausgeführt wird, macht es zu riskant, die aktuelle Installation wirklich zu retten.

Okay, Thank you

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