Bootable usb key for Zorin 17 Beta not working on Mac

Dear all,

I've been trying to create a bootable usb key for Zorin 17 Beta on Mac without success. I've downloaded Zorin 17 Beta iso and used BalenaEtcher to create a bootable usb key. When I boot, I can't see Zorin 17 Beta.
I also tried the manual way from Ubuntu documentation without success either: How to install Ubuntu on MacBook using USB Stick - Community Help Wiki
I've successfully created bootable usb keys for Zorin 16 and other distros before.

Any idea how I could resolve this?
Thank you

I believe the OP is stuck with Balena Etcher as it is the only USB creation tool compatible with a Mac. Check the Hash key of the downloaded .iso as 337harvey suggested. Then try burning again - have you got Zorin installed already? Just use Disks to make sure that your USB is not failing by doing a smart test on it.

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Thanks a lot. I did re-download it four time but no I haven’t checksum the file. Actually do you know where I can find the original checksum for the Zorin 17 beta iso?
Thanks, I will try Rufus and unetbootin.

Thanks. Yes, I have Zorin 16 as a dual boot. That’s a good point, I can do a smart test on it. Also, I could try other usb creation tools from Zorin 16.

Super, thanks!

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You can also use the Disks application to burn the .ISO file... select the USB stick, click the '3 vertical dots' button at top-right, select "Restore Disk Image", select the .ISO file, set it to burning. Balena Etcher never worked for me.


Thank you for the help. The checksum was fine. Actually using unetbootin instead of BalenaEtcher solved the problem. I can now try Zorin 17 Beta which looks great by the way.

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Thanks, that's good to know. Yeah, it's weird, it's the first time that BalenaEtcher is not working for me.

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