Bootloop issue - Zorin lite

This is the issue I'm facing everytime I boot my device. My system falls into an endless loop and won't boot up.

"How do I boot into my desktop?"

  1. When the sequence ^[[5~ starts printing I press Del button, the sequence ends with a ^[[3~ and then Zorin boots normally.

  2. If I miss the 1st process then it starts printing "dev/sda5: clean: / files: /". In this case pressing Del only won't work, so I have to press ctrl+alt+del - it takes me to the grub menu and from here when I click enter on Start Zorin it boots normally then.

Is there any way to fix this?

My device infos:

Another user recently posted a related issue.

This denotes a KeyPress.

I believe that ^[[3~ is the insert key on your keyboard. I do not know what 5 is but... Clean your keyboard. You have a sticking key.


A good cleaning of the keyboard, You might want to take the keys off to clean them. and keep sugar based off the keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

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Found the imposter - it my PgUp key.

With the help of terminal I found it

:sweat_smile: on it, it's gonna be little boring but I will do it.


You guys are amazing :heart:

I had searched about this in Google many times but never found any clue regarding ^[[5~
But I asked here once and got the solution right away.

Thank you very much :v:


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