Bootparameter timezone for live-CD

I am using a Multiboot-USB-Stick for some recover images and for supporting others, also for installing Linux OS.
I also boot Zorin 16 Core from ISO image, just to be able to use all normal functions when my/other pc is not working. All is fine, meanwhile I found the boot params for language and keyboard (German)
But I dont find a parameter to set the timezone for the booting/live image. We are here "Europe/Berlin", +2 hours. When I boot with the standard +0 hours, the time is wrong - but the problem here is: it is set to the computer clock, so when I boot Windows afterwards, the time is also wrong there.

This is something that I want to solve. I dont want to cnahnge time after a boot from USB.

my actual settings are:
linux ${rootdir}/casper/vmlinuz iso-scan/filename=${isofile} isofrom=/dev/disk/by-uuid/${bootuuid}${isofile} bootkbd=de locale=de_DE.UTF-8 console-setup/layoutcode=de timezone=Europe/Berlin noprompt floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 ignore_uuid --

I found "timezone=" in some descriptions, but this seems not to be a "standard" linux option, it is not used by Zorin and other Ubuntu based distributions (as it seems, no other image is using it)

Do you know a parameter for setting the timezone or to froce using the RTC from the hots system? Just to have the same time as Windows 11 has.
In the past I was using a persistent option, but with all Ubuntu 20 this is not working anymore, as I have read...

Thanks for reading and thinking about my question :slight_smile:

On windows, create a new file and name it utc.reg (registry Setting File).
Paste the following into it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Execute the file.
Windows relies on local time instead of UTC. The above should fix that.

I am not aware of any boot parameter that will set system time... That being said, why not set your Zorin LiveUSB to be Persistent Boot?
I prefer Ventoy for this, as it makes setting it up much easier.

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, the "trick" with windows UTC is working, so I dont habe problems on my own pc. But I cannot do this on other pc's who need a helping hand . But this is rare - so I dont do more effort on this.

Persistent Boot was working in the past, but since 16 this is not working anymore, i have read about ubuntu problems.

And to describe it a little deeper: I have a multiboot USB-Stick with different Bootsystems for my backups, deleting harddisks, booting in case of desaster on the pc... and so on. This collection is booted with grub and it has cost much time to get all this software running on 1 Stick. So Ventoy is not a solution for me at the moment - perhaps if I could us it side by side with grub...
At the moment i simply have not enough time to test this.

But again thank you for helping. I decided to use that UTC-Windows Patch
it is solved for me. Thanks.

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It works for me using Zorin 16 Core on Ventoy - but user @zabadabadoo has also mentioned it does not work for him. Not sure what is going on there that some users have this trouble...

I do not understand this statement. With Ventoy, you can drag and drop several different OS .iso's onto it to use them and choose which to load and boot from the Ventoy Boot screen. It should make everything you describe above easy and fast. I hope you have free time to test that in future. It may help.

That was persitence not working on Unetbootin not Ventoy. I understood it was OK on Ventoy, but I don't use Ventoy to confirm or not.

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