Brave browser and Pop OS!

This is a little off topic from Zorin but I know there are several people on here that also use Pop Os. I have 3 machines with Zorin installed on them but decided to play around with Pop Os again on one of them. I installed Pop Os 21.04 on a new SSD. Since I like the Brave browser I went to the Pop Shop to install it but it wasn't there. So I used Firefox and went to the Brave download site and found directions for using terminal to install Brave. Following the directions for Ubuntu, Brave appeared to install correctly.

Everything worked just like it should and I used the Brave sync function to import my bookmarks etc. Then i decided to install the Cinnamon de. After that the Brave browser went crazy. Whenever I opened Brave it would constantly flicker back and forth between the Brave screen and the desktop background. So I thought I won't be able to use Cinnamon with Brave on Pop Os although Cinnamon and Brave work fine on Zorin.

So I decided to reinstall Pop Os. After doing that and reinstalling Brave everything seemed to be fine again until I installed the drivers for my Wifi Dongle. Then Brave went crazy again with the same behavior as before. After installing Synaptic I used it to remove Brave. I then used Synaptic and reinstalled Brave. After that everything worked fine again. I then went ahead and reinstalled Cinnamon and everything still worked OK. So there must be some difference between how Brave says to install Brave using the terminal and how Synaptic actually installs Brave.

Sorry for the long ramble but I thought this might be interesting or maybe helpful to someone else who uses Pop Os. I also upgraded Pop Os to the latest 21.10 and Brave still works fine.


I've seen people say that Synaptic is better for installing dependencies etc.
It's fixed broken packages for me too.

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