Brave Browser flatpak won't update


I have FireFox and Brave browser as a flatpak installed. My FF does update to new version, but it looks like Brave brave dosen't do that.

Brave has been updated for about 5 days ago, still no update in Zorin. On the Brave website it says it's out for; Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS.

Why not on Zorin?

Is this a flatpak issue, or Zorin?

It's likely an issue with Flatpak. Try with a different version (Snap or DEB).

Thanks for answer!
Is there a way to update Brave flatpak via the terminal? Or update the flatpak it self?

Apologies for replying late.

I'm not sure as I haven't done either of these before. I only have the DEB version.

It looks like nobody has packaged Brave for Flathub yet. Sometimes this can take a little while as it is a manual process and it's likely being packaged by volunteers. I'm sure they will get to it soon if you're not in a hurry. If you want updates the second they're out though, you might prefer to remove the Flatpak version and install it through the official Brave deb repo (use the Ubuntu one):

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Thanks tealimepigeon ..... following the steps in the link you posted worked like a charm ...... just installed Brave as a second browser ..... just going about customizing it now ....

Interesting little browser ..... but I'm sure I won't give up my Vivaldi ..... :grinning:

Same. I only use it if I'm forced to use Teams, which the PWA app only works on chromium based browsers. Which is absolute ludicrous if you ask me.

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flatpak update  

in the terminal and see if Brave updates to the new version
and I think the brave developer has not updated the flatpak version it will be updated In a few days so you will need to wait until it gets updated, it is not the issue with Zorin.

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Well I've been playing around with Brave for a bit and it isn't to bad but I do miss the fact it doesn't have a speed dial page .... in Vivaldi I have my opening page set to Speed Dial so I can see most of my bookmarks in one place ....

One good thing it did was cause me to have to give up Gmail .... I had one account left that I keep for emergencies but when I went into Brave to download some different background photos it sent me to my Gmail sign in page

When I tried to log in it wouldn't let me saying log in not recognized so I log out and didn't worry about it ..... got an email message from them in my alternative email client saying that someone tried to use my account and they had locked it due to an unauthorized use ....

Now even though I try to sign in with Vivaldi or Win 10 I get the reply that my account is now locked and please enter the following ..... blah blah .... blah ..... which I did but no dice .... now they want the original name I used on the account which I gave them but that didn't work either .....

I opened that Gmail account more than 20 years ago so what name I used escapes me .... my alternative email address doesn't work either .....

Anyway not going to spend any more time on this as I have never receive mail there in more than 10 years as I have other active email accounts ..... may try one more thing and if that doesn't work ..... so be it .... I'll wait till they close the account ..... good bye and good riddance ..... :clap: :+1:

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