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Brave Browser takes about 3 minutes to pull up after I double-click it. I thought of adding it to the start-up apps, but I need to know what the command would be for that, as the command is part of the start-up. Thanks.

Launch Startup Applications:

The name is not important - you can just enter Brave for this part.

Now in the command box enter:

brave %u

My Firefox example:

Restart and it should work.

The Thing About Brave is that it has a lots of Dependencies, I personally do not want to increase my boot time So, I installed preload for my notebook computer. Now the Browser only takes time for the first time after the boot then runs fast as Notepad. Also, I enabled the option that clears the browser history and cookies everytime I log out, To make the Launch load only the Browser not the useless history of my work, I Do not recommend this for PC with important Stuff. This tip also increases the no. of brave ads you receive in order to earn more brave reward tokens.

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Be wary of assuming a solution, then asking how to satisfy that assumption, rather than asking to solve the actual problem you are having.

Ok, I will give that command a try. Thanks.

Be wary of assigning motivation to another person's statements. They may simply be trying to be thorough and complete. Often times being overly critical is not helpful.

Don't know exactly what I am doing wrong. I made the change to the command and saved it. When I restarted, Brave still did not come up, and I waited for five minutes. However, I did go into Brave settings and cleared the history and cache. That seemed to cut the pull-up time to 2 minutes rather than 3.
Should I be looking at a different browser? If so, do you have one in mind that would be faster? Thanks.

This response does not follow your O.P.
Your O.P. notes that you are seeing slow loading and init time for Brave Browser.
You then change tactics and ask for a method of adding it to start up, by your own words: Hoping it will work.

In this, I made zero assumptions about your motives. Your motives were clear.

In this, I was not being overly critical or even critical at all.

To summarize: When asking for help with a problem:

  • It is better to avoid assuming the solution and asking to fulfill that assumption, rather than addressing the actual problem. Often times, addressing the wrong solution is not helpful.
  • It is better to avoid making snarky comments and attitude to those trying to help you.

Can you give me your system specs I might help you make your Application Launch time Faster.

Just had another look at this and found this:

So try


instead of brave %u

I have Brave installed on 3 different machines and have used it for the last few years. Brave typically loads up in under a minute. But I have turned off all the extra junk that comes with Brave. I turned off all the junk on the home page and Brave rewards. I turned off the advertising backgrounds. I only leave on the ad blocker and anti tracking. You might try doing that and see if it helps. All my machines are older quad core machines so compared to modern machines they are pretty slow.

Thanks for your help. Hope I uploaded this right. Still getting used to Zorin.

Great, I will give that idea a try. Thanks.

Will give that a try and see how it works in the AM when I start up. Thanks so much for your help.

Your Memory is little to less in comparison to your disk capacity and cpu. You can consider upgrading your ram which will be real beneficial for your work :smile:

Your Profile does not mention your Zorin OS version but, if you are using Core your memory will give you serious problems. To fix it without reinstallation the ram upgrade should be more than 8 GB on Core for better experience.

The Best thing to make Brave Launch Faster is if we check all the boxes in brave://settings/clearBrowserData, on exit and keep ad block and cookie block to aggressive this will destroy your history but reduce your launch time majorly, Also installing preload will help but low memory will automatically force the computer to use Swap memory. Which will cause more problems.

Even After the above trick your Launch will be a minute or two because of low ram. You can Try to make a coffee while your browser is Launching :joy:

P.S. You got a great PC but the Ram is comparably very Less.

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May i suggest making your home page a blank page, disabling unneeded extensions and depending on your ram size, decreasing the time before the swap engages (usually by decreasing the memory threshold so it kicks in faster). The three of these combined should help with load times.

For future reference, it is not good practice to offer a solution in your OP, except possibly as a question (do you think it would help if i)... but even then it removes focus from the issue.

The preferred template for posting is:

  • Description of issue
  • System specifications
  • What you have already read
  • what you have already tried
  • closing
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Thank you and I will give the blank page a try. It was not my intention to offer a solution. Otherwise, what would be the point in asking the question? Would i not try that first? No, my intention was just to show that it was the only thing I could think of to do. I do not understand why this is such a sensitive issue? Is professional pride a factor here?

Yes, you are right. I am low on Ram. I can live with the slower startup speed as I know it is due to low ram.
Thank you for not making an issue about my original request and making a solution suggestion for a question I asked. I was merely stating the only thing I could think of to do since I have very little experience with Zorin.

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No, because no one here develops nor maintains Brave Browser.

The only person behaving with such sensitivity is you.

You were simply advised to focus on the cause of the slow browser initialization instead of focusing on adding it to start up hoping that would help.
This - was a friendly and helpful reminder. It was polite and intended to Keep Topics On Track.
I can understand if you misinterpreted it or had a knee-jerk reaction.

However, this persistence at Picking Fights by trying to repeatedly create an issue out of nothing with the series of accusations and Inuendo will not fly here.

This forum is populated by helpful members that take time out of their day to try to improve everyones Linux experience. What they do not need is to have to walk on absolute eggshells and go on the defensive from such high-strung over reactions.

This is an Official Moderator Warning.

Thread closed for 24 hours (Edit: will remain closed since O.P. has decided issue is solved) to allow everyone time to reflect and assure that they can approach troubleshooting responsibly and in a productive and welcoming manner.