Brightness keys on HP Probook 450 G6 not working

If I press either Fn+F3 or Fn+F4 (which are supposed to be brightness down and up), it instead activates/deactivates the internal microphone (the same as Fn+F8 does which is what it is supposed to do).

I read somewhere that it might have to do with 2 different keyboard drivers overriding the assigned keycodes. But I couldn't find anything about keyboard drivers in ~/.local/share/xorg

Also, the keycodes for both Fn+F3 and Fn+F4 are the same:
keycode 190 press | keycode 190 release

What options do I have to troubleshoot this? On Windows the keys work as expected, so I guess it is not a BIOS problem?

I think you are not the only one having this problem:

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Hi, you can use your terminal for controlling brightness.

You could install xbacklight package
sudo apt-get install xbacklight
and then if you want to increase the brightness level, type
xbacklight -inc <level in a range of 10 - 100> and vice versa:
xbacklight -dec <level in a range of 10 - 100>

or you can check this for troubleshooting :


@marko94 Thanks for the suggestions, Marko. I chose to try Method #2 in the article you cited. Method #2 provides code to install app called Brightness Controller. Not sure if I will stay with it because it seems override the Night Light setting if you turn on Brightness Controller. Brightness Controller probably gives you more control than Night Light but while I'm in the "how does this thing work" stage, the more control can be tricky in trying to find just the right combination.

In any event I was able to turn down the brightness. Thank you, my eyes were frying. And in the long term, I may find that perfect combination and stay with Brightness Controller.


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@FrenchPress Thanks, that is exactly my problem, too. Unfortunately, HP didn't seem to bother. I still don't know how to fix it...

Does anyone know of a way to adjust the keyboard layout to rearrange the keycodes?

@marko94 Thanks for the suggestion! Do you think I could somehow bind the keys to these commands? Then this might actually be a workaround. Although I still think it won't be possible to use Fn+F3 and Fn+F4, because the problem is that they are bound to the same keycode as Fn+F8.


In my case I didn't find a solution to bind the keys to those command.

I tried, but no luck. Only working solution was manually adjusting it in terminal.

Just for the reference,I am talking about WM (Bspwm) not a Zorin, but had a same case like you :slight_smile:

OK, well, I can adjust the brightness with the slider. It's just the key binding that I would like to be able to change. It doesn't look very promising though, because I think it is due to a BIOS issue from HP and their recent update was supposed to fix it, but it didn't.

Did you tried to update your bios ?

I didn't have the time to do that yet. But in the HP thread someone with the exact same laptop model wasn't able to fix it via the BIOS update. I will try it, eventually. Just need to free up some time aside work and family :slight_smile:

Sure. Try and see. If you need more help, we are here :slight_smile:

Maybe in the meantime, someone find a fix xD

Thanks for motivating me. I did it straight away and it didn't help. Still the same issue, even though the update is pretty recent (May 31, 2021). :frowning:

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