Broke the GUI and problems after reinstalling gnome

Okay so being new to linux I wasn't aware that doing sudo apt purge python will result in the GUI being taken away too since gnome is depended on python
So i booted up into the command line, did sudo apt install gnome got the GUI back but realised there are too many problems now and I can't customise things anymore since for some reason zorin appearances disapeared so is there a way to get my zorin back to the state it was? or if not possible can I just format it to the state it was without the live disk?

I think somebody else just did this, unless that was you in another thread, can't remember. But its my opinion, that the only easy way, is to re-install the OS.

People need to be very careful about what they remove. If one has a large hard drive, there is no need to remove software, Linux don't take up much space off the drive anyways so ya.

If you saved a lot of important stuff to your drive since the removal of Python, it is at least a good thing you were able to get back into GUI by installing gnome, cause your gonna want to backup your files if you saved any.

Then plug in your USB thumb drive, direct it to repair the OS once you enter GRUB. It should be repairable. If not, you will have to do a re-install for sure.

pardon me but I am not the person you are referring to.

As I said this is my first experience with a linux distro I decided with Zorin OS because it looked exceptionally beautiful and feature rich to me.

Well the problem wasn't with space remaining but it was actually due to a corrupted python installation, I once faced a similar issue on windows and it was resolved by reinstalling python, So I thought it would work on linux that way too. But alas I messed up.

Well I recently started with the OS so it doesn't has anything important except my GitHub SSH keys which I have backed up.

I am still able to enter the grub menu and boot into advance options for Zorin then into (Recovery mode) I was able to install gnome that way.

Also can you give me the steps to get into boot-repair mode? if that won't work then my last straw will be re-installing.

Thank you

Recovery is basically what I was going to suggest actually. Boot repair just repairs your computer's ability to boot into the OS, but its not going to bring back the Zorin desktop.

Put in your USB stick, power on the computer. Hold down left shift key to enter the ISO boot menu. If your computer is one of the other ones, try tapping Escape a bunch of times of F12. Choose try Zorin OS, just like you did initially when you installed it.

Once your into the OS and the installer launches, go to install Zorin OS. Then when it asks you, choose to erase disk and install Zorin OS. You should be good to go after you do that.

Alright thanks for your help.

I will reinstall as soon as I get time to.

Also won't erasing disk erase my entire hard-drive? I actually want to use it beside my windows partition

I did not know that you were dual booting!

Here's the thing, if you just go to install Zorin without erasing, Zorin will detect your other Zorin installation, and then will proceed to make another Zorin installation next to it, which will make Zorin now take up double the amount of space on your hard drive.

There is a way to get around that by deleting the old Zorin partitions off the drive manually. But you will have to be very careful about the way you are doing that, so you dont' accidentally delete anything residing to Windows.

You know, if I can recall, doesn't the Zorin installer have a repair function built into it called Zorin refresher or something like that? I don't know, if you see that, I suggest trying that option first, cause it will save you a lot of time if it works.

Well I have already tried Pop OS (Had to stop because grub wasn't working), Ubuntu (Didn't really liked it), Deepin OS (Chinese origins, So privacy concerns), So I believe I won't mess up deleting partitions (hopefully).

And I will hope the installer will have a repair function.

Also thanks again for all the help you rendered

Thats curious, there are two versions of POP OS, 20.04 and 21.04. And within those, there is the standard version install, and the Nvidia version.

The version that I am running on my MSI GE76-231 Raider notebook, is POP OS 21.04 and I installed the Nvidia version, and its been working flawlessly. Is that the version you tried?

I haven't had any GRUB issues that I am aware of, my computer still can boot into POP OS. The only issue I have is that most of the time my external keyboard does not load in properly, requiring a restart or more restarts, until it connects with the OS properly.

I think it could be a weird oddity due to the fact its the Corsair K95 Platinum. Or it could be the MSI computer itself, but I have no issues with the built in notebook keyboard, so I assume its just Corsair oddities.

I also don;t have problems with grub POP OS.
With Corsair on forum with help keyboards and mice is a parody what working and deleted all before version what working before.

Extremely sorry for late reply but some circumstances prevented me from replying

I used POP OS 20.04 standard and since it came without grub being pre-configured, I had to do it manually but the problem occurred when grub bootloader refused to locate the grub.cfg making it give me the command line instead of boot selection menu.

Upon following advises from sites such as unix stackexchange and rest, I did configfile PathToGrub.cfg but that didn't helped so I had to switch to Zorin OS

Hoped it helped

sudo apt install -y gnome gnome-shell zorin-os-desktop

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Well thanks a lot but unfortunately I have already reinstalled the OS

Since the re-installation, how is it running, everything ok?

Yeah its working smooth like before, tho I feel like its gotten kinda slow I don't really know why but yes it works like a charm
Also thanks for asking

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