Broken menu in some flatpak apps

Hello, As i mentioned on title some flatpak apps are showing menu which are broken. This problem occured in brave browser and ungoogled chromium installed from flathub. same problem I faced while using pop os, while using the
same apps from flathub. But, Not all menus are broken, only some. A picture is attached for your reference.

Also note that I didn't had any such problem while using these apps in fedora. Is any one else facing similar problem? Please help. Thanks

Are you using AMD Graphics?

It looks like the Snadboxed Flatpak Applications are not able to effectively communicate with the system (where drivers are) since it is... Double Sandboxed.
You might have some luck by seeing if using flatseal can help you gain system access for the flatpak apps.

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If the issue is occurring cross distro it is most likely a flatpak issue, judging by the artificating it looks to be DE or Display Driver related, as @Aravisian mentioned you can check flatseal and grant additional permissions

you could also try adding --socket=x11 to force using x11 to draw the windows, might help

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BTW: this is exactly the same as observed in: Scrambled dialogues in Zorin 16 with AMD Radeon RX Vega 10.
So I’ll be observing this thread as well to see what may arise from the advises given here. I will also test the advises on my side.

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Are yours also only showing scrambling only in Flatpak Applications?

Don’t know to be honest, it’s now been showing in submenu’s of Thunderbird, Bluemail, and Brave. All installed from the normal App-Store. Let me check.

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The App Store (Software) is able to install Flatpaks, Snaps or APT pacakges (.deb).
You can check using the Source button on the Software Titlebar for individual packages or in terminal:

snap list

flatpak list

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Bluemail is installed as Snap, Brave is installed as flatpack, Thunderbird as neither of them. In all of them the problem arrises in pop-ups (in Brave when opening the just-downloaded item in the bottom of the screen, in Bluemail when pressing the “About” button, in Thunderbird when it opens the “Compact” dialogue during start-up.
I’ll continue with your suggestions in “my thread” :grinning:

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