Brother MFC-L5755DW : Failed to scan. Unable to scan

Connected via wifi.
Have installed drivers from Brother website.
Have done

sudo apt install sane-utils sane
brsaneconfig4 -q


  • MFC-L3750CDW [] MFC-L3750CDW
    MFC-L5755DW [] Brother_MFC-L5755DW_series

Scanner is recognised by "Document Scanner", starts to scan, preview appears, then gives popup with "Failed to scan. Unable to scan."
Repeated attempt to scan has Document Scanner giving "Failed to scan. Unable to connect to scanner."

EDIT: Further: Document Scanner, on opening searches for scanners.
Brother MFC-L3750CDW
ESCL Brother MFC-L3750CDW
ESCL Brother MFC-L5755DW

I can successfully scan with "Brother MFC-L3750CDW" but neither of the ESCL scanners.

And now "Document Scanner" is asking/demanding that I reply "Yes" to popup "There is an autosaved book available. Do you want to open it?"

Go over to Brother and download the drivers directly from Brother.... I have a Brother MFC L375050CDW and it works just fine

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2nd line in OP reads,
"Have installed drivers from Brother website."

This is not looking like a Zorin localised problem.

I'm getting the reverse
(Brother MFC-L5755DW: working,
ESCL Brother MFC-L3750CDW: not working,
ESCL Brother MFC-L5755DW: not working),
on my LM XFCE trial machine.

Looking like (a) user error, or,
(b) software common to Zorin and LM.

(a) user error - mebbbe but installs on LM, following Brother instructions closely, of printer A drivers then printer B drivers, looked good in the terminal.

Have put rule in Firewall in LM to allow both printer static ip addresses in and out.

I see Brother says something like, "Can't use two printers with the same name with this software".

But maybe problem may be elsewhere.

Remove your printers and then reinstall the Brother drivers. I had two show up on another distro and it was giving me weird issues as I had to keep selecting the other printer if I wanted to print or scan.

I removed both printers then reinstalled the Brother drivers and it stopped. I've had this issues on Windows before as well. It's almost like the system is trying to setup the system using whatever driver it wants, then when you install the correct driver and it creates two printers.

Why do you have 3750 if you have a 5755 machine? Did you install the wrong drivers?

But I've never suffered this on Zorin

Thanks DeanG.
I've got two: a 3750 upstairs and a 5755 downstairs.
Uninstalling and reinstalling sounds like a good next step. I saw uninstall instructions came from Brother with their download.

If a simple Brother-instructions uninstall-reinstall doesn't work I'll try the more complex instructions at Easy Linux Tips Project : Brother printers: how to install them