Browser for Zorin

How to install Google Chrome on Zorin

You can download deb installer here:

Download this file:

Double click to install.

For future reference, Zorin 16 was based on Ubuntu 20.04, but has muddled that a little by including the 5.11 kernel, making it equivalent to Ubuntu 21.04. Your searches for answers can include these, since there are very few tutorials for Zorin on the web.

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Good point!
I will keep that in mind.

Zorin 16 was based on Ubuntu 20.04 but can i install Chrome on it?

Yes and many users do so.
I am using a Form of Chrome, myself.

Like most of the Linux distros out there, Zorin OS also ships with Firefox as the default internet browser. Firefox is a free and open-source browser that works great on Linux, but if you are used to the Google Chrome browser, you may want to install it first after setting up your Zorin OS system.