Browsers can't be expanded to full screen on an external monitor

My external monitor works with Zorin. However, when I display a browser, Firefox, Chromium, or Edge on the external, the screen either blacks out or is very unstable.

My first thought reading this was that Hardware Acceleration on the browsers would be the culprit.

However, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave all have HA disabled by default. Unless you enabled it...
I recommend checking and trying this setting on the browsers anyway - just in case first time lucky. But with low expactations.

You might also test if other apps cause this issue.

Check in your display settings if you have different resolutions and Refresh Rates on the two monitors.

Next, check your drivers. Are you using Intel, AMD, Nvidia? More than one?

sudo lshw -C video

It appears to be Intel.

Also, this browser problem doesn't occur when the Display Setting is Mirror; The problem only occurs when it is is Join Display mode, which I suppose is the same thing as Extended displays in Windows.

Are you using Fractional Scaling?

Next question is:


The Intel drivers are included with the kernel.

What cable are you using to connect? HDMI can be a bit funny. You might have an HDMI 1.0, but HDMI 2 is needed...

I don't know what type of HDMI. I'll try a different one to see if it makes any difference.


Problem solved. It seems to have been a bad HDMI cable. I switched to a high-speed HDMI cable, and now I have no problem, even in Join Displays mode. Thank you.

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