Browsing and reading my old windows-files

I installed Zorin 16 but have no dual-boot-system.
Something went wrong while the installation.
At least the Zorin-System is running very good with all programs, which I need.
I have an HP Pavilion.

Is there any chance to browse or read my old windows-files,
I think they are on my sda8 (ext4), see the uploaded pic.
Thanks a lot for some hints.


Your old Windows file will be on NTFS format and not EXT4. sda8 is your Zorin OS system is installed.

I tested some things, and now I can browse my old files, see pic:

I hope to repair my system soon;

With Winetricks (Work around problems and install applications under Wine) I can explore, browse and read the most of my old files again.
The path then is: /(root) media/mustermann/Windows1: there are all files of the formerly C:drive. My prob is solved.

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Please ensure that you have ntfs-3g package installed.

sudo apt install --reinstall ntfs-3g

With that package, you should not need Wine or Winetricks in order to browse files that are stored on an NTFS formatted drive.

Thanks for the info;

You can go into nautilus, other button on the left side under the tree and then choose the drive you want to access, wine and third party applications unnecessary.

Your sda8 is the Zorin system partition. Sda5 and sda6 are ntfs data partitions, and the most likely candidates for your files.

A few photos are gone, some backups I have reinstalled, my Tomtom Start 20 I can't update. All other things are running very good with the new Zorin system.

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