Btrfs install


Anyone have Zorin installed as a btrfs ?

Just curious how it is working :sweat_smile:

Not sure. I assume it's some sort of encryption?

No, that is a sytem file, like ext4.

But better data handling, snapshots for backup etc

It is still work in progress an can be unstable. This Reddit post explains more:

I don't have btrfs installed, I have ZFS, which has many of the same features as btrfs (CoW, snapshots, etc.).

It's working great. I disabled the timed-snapshot function, so it only takes snapshots when I install or uninstall something (rather than every x hours / days / whatever), and deleting the older snapshots is super easy via a bash script.

I like ZFS because you can easily add mirror drives, and the more mirror drives you've got, the more data redundancy you've got and the faster your read speed is.

To increase write speed, you set up multiple mirrored SLOG drives.

To increase system speed, you can also set up cache drives (which extend the ARC in memory to a secondary ARC on SSDs), although there's been a few bugs with that (the drives revert from being enumerated by PARTUUID to dev/sdaX, then fault if the drive load order changes at boot time).

If you've got big enough cache drives and enough memory, you can hold the entirety of the OS in memory (ARC) and on the cache drives... your main drives can spin down and access to the files is super fast from memory or the cache SSDs.

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