Buffer I/O Error on dev sr0

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strange thing i noticed as of late.
I start LUTRIS, then start Battle.net
as soon as i start battle net and hit PLAY on a game to begin, i get the following errors in my log ( aside from the log msgs, everything plays OK in Battlenet)

"blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 1 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 1 prio class 0
Buffer I/O error on dev sr0, logical block 0, async page read"

searching online, people mention, bad cable, bad HD etc some even mentioned a bug related to these messages.
as far as i can tell "sr0" is my DVDRom
I also went into lutris to see if there are any options for it to call on the DVD for any reason, i didn't see anything pertaining to the ROM.
Anyone have any experience with such messages ?

Thank you all in advance !

It generally means an unreadable area on the disk.
If it is your DVDRom, you might try carefully polishing the disk to buff out any scratches.
I will admit, I have used the old ToothPaste trick to do this a large number of times to great sucess.

I cannot say that I am sad to see the end of the CD/DVD era. I always found that storage medium to be way too fragile...

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thank you for the response,
thats the thing, there is no CD inserted , and im not even using the ROM,
this is why i was checking LUTRIS to see if it was calling on the ROM for any reason once it brings up battlnet.
it shouldnt even be looking at the ROM,
unless im wrong and Sr0 is not my ROM

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I would think it was, too. Though it can be any first scsi device.

Is TPM enabled in your BIOS EFI settings?

I will have to check next time i reboot my system ,
thanks again.

Going through dmesg found,
" 1.411462] kernel: sr 4:0:0:0: Attached scsi CD-ROM sr0"
and validated in disk settings of course,
ASUS DRW-24B1ST a (1.04)
/dev/sr0 (Read-Only)


I see no indication of anything related to TPM in my BIOS settings.

TPM may be labeled differently on some manufacturer builds. I cannot remember the exact name of it... It would be under security tab.

checked again, didnt find anything, looked in the manual as well.
the only thing under security tab for my mobo is setting admin password,
maybe older boards do not have this feature ?
i have a ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Z .

It looks like it should be clearly labeled. Scroll all the way down to "Alternatively,"

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Hey thanks for the info,
this definitely appears to be a newer version, my latest firmware is dated 2012 with no further releases.
but i will go through and check against this doc and update you
Thanks !

ok checked again,
and im pretty sure my BIOS version does not have this feature as it is older,
this is the only thing i have under ADVANCED tab and i went through each line
doesn't appear to have a TPM Feature.

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