Bug in dark theme


I tried Zorin OS Core and I have a minor problem with a dark appearance. The Evolution and Libreoffice applications (from the repository and the Flathub version as well) have rotated colors for the minimaze, close, ... buttons. The other applications are fine.
I tried Zorin theme and Adwaita Dark but the problem is the same. The buttons behave as if they have a bright look.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Thank you

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I think that totally depends upon how the softwere devloper has degined the softwere. If this is not looking good to u then I think u should used the freeoffice, it's icons are perfectly made for dark mode but it's this does not works with the gtk theme.

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Because this is not a bug in the dark theme, but how the programs you are using are written.

Not every program has been updated to follow your theme. Plus even if it was, the developer may have wanted it to appear a certain way even it outside the norm or what it is you want.

Zorin does not make or control the software that is done by the developers of whatever it is you're using.

Evolution is only maintained right now by one person, and she is barely maintains it. You may want look at alternatives that do what you want them to do if you're not happy with whatever it is you're using.


Yes, agree.

I was searching some office softwers in internet which can be comfortable with gtk but I don't find one, if u want the gtk then I think u should use this Libreoffice and if it's not looking good then u can use other softwares which have there own dark theme like freeoffice.

I personally love wps office but till now it does not have a dark theme.

Adding agreement to the others... As a theme-maker, I can well assure you that Libreoffice and Evolution both heavily lack theme support. The way they are written is exceptionally basic and does not include the properties that .css can I.D. and employ.
It makes theme-making a nightmare...

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