[BUG]Remove network printers added automatic

Hello guys, i'm using Zorin 16.1 and when i open the window "printers" like the image below, Zorin automatically add the printers in our Organization Network. When i try to remove the printers, the system add again and i can never remove them to the system. I was not able to install one of these printers directly as I would like from the system menus. I had to release access to CUPS through the browser and add the printer I wanted (IPP) through the browser. When I do that, the printers disappear from the list of printers, however, when I try to print something, the printer that I installed and all the other printers that the system detects on the network appears in the drop down list. Follow images to understand what I'm talking about.

PS: Congratulations on the great work, I'm really enjoying your efforts with Zorin and I'm really rooting for the success, because everything you're planning and doing is very promising.

This issue has been raised before and I posted the solution from a different source but it's the same solution: