Bug Report - Bluetooth

Hi I am hoping someone can assist me here.
I noticed something regarding the Bluetooth settings.
So My bluetooth is on.
I know because I have a bluetooth keyboard I am typing on right now to write this post.

But when I try to connect my bluetooth devices. Like a headset.
I go to the settings and it tells me
No Bluetooth Found.

But it is for sure on.
So the only fix I have at this point is to reboot and then it works again.
Also, it's quite inconvenient having to go into settings everytime to re-connect my bluetooth headphones. I connected once already. If the OS could automatically re-connect with my headphones that would be awesome!
It auto reconnects with my Keyboard. But not audio devices.

And lastly. A potential fix for this could possible be to just list the available bluetooth devices on the settings popup when clicking the taskbar. With the switch buttons readily available to toggle on and off. Without the need to go into the settings window each and every time.

Also, if this quick toggle on and off functionality could be roled out to selecting the active audio device (Not ecessarily bluetooth only) It would be super convenient.

Thank you!

Can you advise make and model of headset?

Are you seeking help or just providing Feedback?
If you are seeking help, please reply to confirm.
We should then move your post to the "General Help" section instead of "Feedback".

@swarfendor437 and @zabadabadoo

Hi, Apologies for the slow reply.
I am using Volkano Scorpio buds.
And I also have a Volkano Blaster speaker

But this is not only with Audio devices. In my case I would like to connect my audio devices. However.
All bluetooth devices are not showing up.

See if any solutions posted here help as Zorin 16 is based on ubuntu 20.04:

All of those are issues for bluetooth not been able to connect.
My bluetooth is working.

I have devices that are connected.
And when I restart it works fine.

But after some time passes. Then the bluetooth settings shows the image above.
It shows my bluetooth as off. When it is on. And it shows no devices connected when there are devices connected.
But unless I restart I cannot add any new devices.

I suspect it is a bug within Zorin.

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See if anything helps here:

You can try installing pipewire. I use this with my galaxy buds + and pro. They connect and reconnect fine unless i connect to windows.. it was a bit of a process, but it has been improved to an apt command I believe. You can also install it by synaptic.

Let us know if this resolved the issue.


@337harvey Thank you!
I still got the issue with the bluetooth dashboard. But my device auto re-connects now. So it's a perfect working solution to my problem.
You're a legend!

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I appreciate the confidence, but I'm still a noob myself. Search engines and determination are my teachers.


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