BUG REPORT: Memory Leak, gedit

I just realized that gedit has a memory leak... I only have one plain-text file open (98528 bytes), and gedit was taking 267 MB of memory... I'd had it open for about 5 1/2 days, and it had slowly crept up into the top-10 list in Conky of highest-memory processes... didn't realize it until I took a screenshot in answer to another post.

After shutting gedit down and restarting it with that plain-text file, it doesn't even show up in the top-10 list of highest-memory processes.

Now I'm wondering if that's why my drives were randomly disconnecting... some memory leak by gedit intruding upon the USB driver memory space, perhaps?

I'm not sure how large gedit's memory consumption was at the time that the drive disconnects were happening, but I'd had it running for about 3 1/2 weeks... so more than three times as long as this time.

And given that it's a memory leak, it's likely not properly allocating memory (ie: the reason memory consumption continues increasing is because garbage collection doesn't have a proper pointer to that memory space) and could thus overwrite other program's memory space (back in the day, Firefox under Windows XP used to do that until the video driver caused a blue screen, necessitating a reboot every day because Chrome didn't exist, Opera didn't work well enough with the javascript and java I was coding and IE just plain sucked, so changing to another browser was out of the question... that's why I changed all of my javascript to make it run properly under Firefox).

The bug report site is here:

... but I don't have a gitlab account (I have github, not gitlab)... anyone with a GitLab account up for submitting a bug report?

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