Bug Report: Minimizing Apps are Strange

When I minimize apps, it just goes up and down. Like it travels between the activities button (top left corner) and it's own icon on the taskbar. I think it's because of the Zorin Taskbar extension.

You might have an animation selected like Wobbly Windows or other (I can't remember them all). Check your "Appearance" settings.

Yes I have the "Zorin Window Move Effect" enabled. But when I disable it, it's the same. And I have this issue with Dash to Dock now. I think there is nothing that developers can do. This is about the GNOME 43.

You may actually be in Xorg. Log out and go to your name at the login screen. Look to the lower right for a gear icon. Click on that. Switch to "Zorin Desktop." (Wayland.) Log back in. Try minimizing apps. See what happens.

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