Buggy Zorin tiling asistant

Hello guys,
When I use the new Zorin feature tiling system, and I put two windows beside each other like Nautilus or Nautilus and Celluloid, I get lagging video on player or lagging on files and folders, I checked it on Ubuntu 23.10 too and I had the same problem.
But when I install the extension from Gnome extensions, on Debian it has no problem.
I just want to know that, Do I have this problem or the extension implanted by Zorin and Ubuntu has problem :thinking:

This is probably a GNOME desktop problem. Interestingly, Zorin is based on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and 23.10 itself has the same problem? Have you searched the Ubuntu forums to see if they have a solution?

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What's the name of the Gnome extension? I'd like to try on Debian as well.

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I don't know about Ubuntu, but Zorin OS implemented this extension on Z17, and the version of the gnome of these two OS are different. I am just curious I have this problem or is it an issue from the Zorin and Ubuntu.

Tiling Asistant

the exact extension that Zorin and Ubuntu are using it

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