Bugs I found on using Zorin OS 17.1 Education | Feedback

Hello Team,
I am glad using this OS in which I fell love into it every minute I use . But even for a great things also there will be some flaws like here I got some bugs here.

I have disabled secure boot in boot settings.

  1. When the screen is went to sleep or suspended by automatic(when not using). I am trying to open it after sometime, then when I am trying open using password. I can't type my password sometimes in which the text can't be typed there in password box, rather I have to restart the system again which leading to lose access to my work sometimes. I am attaching the video gif of it here.

  1. In the regular usage sometimes suddenly the Firefox browser closes with an error leading to slowly stopping other software to stop functioning again leading me to forcedly restart system. (This has been happening more than few times so i am including this also in the feedback)

  2. Actually need to add these photos early but adding now. Before system starting I am getting an error but the system is starting up good. Can anyone please help me with this error. Is it common or there is problem with the error. I am attaching images of the error here below.

Error 3.1

Error 3.2

I hope with the help of this community I think everything will be fixed very soon. I may not say very early but hope to fix this soon as I can't think of changing of my OS again to Windows after using this one.

For Your Error maybe this could help You:

Because of the Password Issue You could try the Command sudo apt reinstall gdm3 in the Terminal to reinstall the Login Screen. Or You could change between Wayland and Xorg and test if the Problem still exists.

Thank you for the reply but I think mine is on the Xorg

Xorg Image


Can you help me on how to change to wayland and moreover the command you gave on previous reply

sudo apt reinstall gdm3

I have installed it but how can I know whether it is working or not because that bug is not coming every time only few times that too when system goes sleep.

Yes, X11 is Xorg. You can change that in the Login Screen. When You (re-)start Your PC and You come to the Login Screen You click on Your Profile and the Password Field appears. It is important that the Password Field is appeared! Then You should see in the bottom right Corner a Gear Symbol. Click on it. There You should have two Options: Zorin Desktop (that is the Wayland Option) and Zorin Desktop Xorg. So, choose the Zorin desktop Option and then log in.

That You have to test. So, when this happen with Sleep or Suspend Mode, go in the Mode, wait a bit and then try it. Do this a couple of Times and with different Waiting Times.


Hey Big Shoutout to you @Ponce-De-Leon After changing to wayland I am experiencing much better than Xorg. I didn't find any crash or nothing as of now and running smoothly. I need to work for few more days and will let you know. As of now it is working great.
A very big thank you for helping out :star_struck: :smile:

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