Built In Bluetooth Dongle won't work

1 day ago my bluetooth is working fine, next day it won't work, anyone know why? It comes up as undetected, upon boot it throws 5 to 6 errors saying it won't accept it, it's built in.

Check the status

sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service

If off, try:

sudo systemctl enable bluetooth.service && sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

If no good, reinstall

sudo apt install --reinstall bluez

The run the above command to use systemctl to enable and start the service again.

I followed your steps, it still isn't working, at boot, Zorin OS will say an error of -71 I believe.

Error 71 usually refers to a USB issue.
That points toward a hardware problem.

Do you have any way of testing that dongle on another computer? Or on a LiveUSB of Zorin OS?

This is a very late response, I'm so sorry I suck at keeping up, it's built in, so I can't get rid of the dongle.

If your BT device is built-in, then you could maybe purchase a USB Bluetooth dongle to use instead.

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