Built in emoji picker like in Windows?

I'm sort of new to Zorin OS and I can't find an easy to open emoji picker. (Such as the Win + . one in Windows.)
I already saw something about Ctrl + . but, that doesn't do anything.

Any help will be appreciated.

u can install this gnome extension which will add emoji picker to the panel
Emoji Selector - GNOME Shell Extensions

ZorinOS comes with a program installed called "Characters" that you can use, not sure if it's exactly what you are looking for.


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:santa::gun::policeman:<-(Release the hostages, Santa! The elves did nothing wrong!)

The linux emojis are probably the best I've ever seen.


In the future, archeologists will wonder what these hieroglyphs meant to our society :smiley:


The best ones I ever saw were on Ultimate Edition Oz forum - even had emojis firing machine guns on tripod! Plus the usual beer cheering clinking glass emojis!

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