Bye, see ya next time!

I have been using ZorinOS the whole 2020. It’s time to distrohop again to another distro, I’ll be choosing Garuda. ZorinOS was a quite nice distro with the nicest forum I have ever seen. My first helper was Aravisian, this guy was hella nice. He didn’t see me coming tho. He was like surprised by the amount of questions I was asking. @Aravisian, I have stopped doing that and I am trying to be as much as patient as I can. Welp, my final words (or maybe second final, idk when I’ll come back again pfft)

Thank you guys for helping me out through this year without any problems and solving every single problem that I had which was only 2.

Bye, everyone.
And, a Merry Christmas to all of ya!


Is great seeing you liking this distro include myself as well,

And Happy Holidays to you.

hope you find the best one distro name like bird of the king…