Calendar application for ZORIN OS LITE

Is there a calendar app, that supports these requirements:

  • is integrated with zorin theme(doesn't look awful like QT5 apps)
  • can set a reminder(e.g. an alarm bell) for an event and make it play even when the app is closed.

Any help?

Try Calendar Indicator:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao

sudo apt update && sudo apt install calendar-indicator

It works with gtk-themes right out of the box. Links with Gnome-Calendar. It has alarms and notifications...

Now I'm doing some upgrades, and then I'll install that.
Do I need to have installed both calendar indicator and gnome calendar?
sorry for my bad english

No, that is an option if you have already created a gnome calendar profile.
You do not need to install gnome-calendar
(I have calendar indicator installed on Zorin OS Lite)

it doesn't launch. any other option?

Have you tried

sudo apt install --reinstall calendar-indicator

It launches just fine on mine...

not working, i have this error message:

[Errno 2] No translation file found for domain: 'calendar-indicator'
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/", line 35, in <module>
    from calendarindicator import main
  File "/opt/", line 58, in <module>
    if get_desktop_environment() == 'cinnamon':
  File "/opt/", line 83, in get_desktop_environment
    elif is_running("xfce-mcs-manage"):
NameError: name 'is_running' is not defined

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Oh. You are on Cinnamon Desktop.

I forgot, I am sorry. I looked at your profile to check before posting and saw Lite.

That explains why it doesn't work. Calendar Indicator is for XFCE.
Perhaps some suggestions here:

nope. I'm on xfce...

strange, isn't it??

^I do not understand this...

I am using XFCE on Zorin OS Lite 16... and it runs and launches fine. I have Cinnamon installed, too, but have not even logged into it yet since I installed Zorin on this new computer.

Maybe back up your ~/.config and try?
I really thought this app would meet your needs, too. It would be my luck we would get it working and you wouldn't like the app LOL.

i never installed cinnamon, but I have a tought: maybe if you give me a .deb file it will work?


Also - Whenever I search for a package, i search
It is worth bookmarking that site.
Remember to view for Ubuntu 20.04 in regards to installing on Zorin OS 16. For Zorin OS 15 users, look to Ubuntu 18.04.

(The above links it to the latest version I found...)

not working....same error. another app?

Might be best. I wonder why it is not working...

do you know another app that can work for me???

Not off the top of my head. Truth told... I use a calendar... that hangs on my wall. It's the most reliable calendar I have ever used.
My son uses the alarms in his phone. My own experience is limited. However, I did post a link above with some general Linux suggestions of Calendar applications.

The only calendar I use is on my phone. Never used Gnomes builtin calendar so I can't help you with a calendar to XFCE.

I use Calendar in Thunderbird.

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