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I have a question on adding apps to the startup roster. I managed to do this with Bluemail, which I found rather easily to add it's "command" (launch file, I assume) to the startup list. I want to do the same thing with my calendar app, but I cannot for the life of me find that "command." I don't know if I have the wrong app name, or what, but I'm entirely lost. Traditional Windows file system this ain't, which is a net positive, but not what I spent my childhood learning. Anyway, this is the gnome calendar app that I'm working with.

Can anyone spare a tip for a poor, confused tenderfoot?

In Zorin menu > System Tools > Startup Applications, you should be able to click the  Add  button, then put:

Name: Gnome Calendar
Command: sh -c 'gnome-calendar'
Comment: Starts Gnome Calendar

... unless you've got the FlatPak version of Gnome Calendar installed. If so, I'm not sure of the command for that.

Thank you, I'll try that! It may be a snap, but I don't think it's FlatPack... I don't recall the actual install (it was a while ago). How do I tell for sure?

You could search for apt, FlatPak and Snap installed packages:
sudo apt list --installed | grep calendar
sudo flatpak list | grep calendar
sudo snap list | grep calendar
... but it's probably faster just to try it and see if it fails. If it does, then list the packages.

It worked! Calendar now launches upon startup. Thank you all very much!

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