Came From CentOS to Zorin

Hi good day! I am new in Zorin and new in the Linux world back 6 months ago. I came from CentOS community and used it as my learning material to became a Linux system admin. I also made it as my Laptop OS which later on realize it was not built for desktop environment and not a good start for beginner but I persisted and learned it the hard way. Since the sudden shift of CentOS I came across different distro finding similar to CentOS (Stable and with a pretty LTS) + I want it very lightweight and stylish for desktop. And I found the Zorin 15 Lite, And making a post here means I want to stay on this distro! I hope with my little knowledge I can help people in this forum. For beginners the best advice I could give is to search and read first. For me all Linux are same they just have different locations of configs, use-cases and package manager. I would like to thanks the Developers and the community too for producing such beautiful OS for Desktop. I hope you don’t hide the the essence of Linux too much!


Welcome to the Zorin Forum.
I landed on Zorin directly from Windows and it was a struggle at first. Partly because I installed Zorin Core which comes with Gnome which I find less user friendly than XFCE and more buggy.
I switched to Zorin Lite while distrohopping trying to find a good lightweight distro for my older Sony Toughbook. I tested many different distros until finally, I tried Zorin Lite on it and outperformed all the rest - by far. I switched my daily driver to Zorin Lite at that time, too. Since then, I switched to using the Cinnamon Desktop Environment on Zorin Lite as it performs much better than on Mint.
This repeated testing of performance, by myself and others, has led me to stick with Zorin OS in spite of multiple attempts by me to use another distro.
Looking forward to any helpful posts you can provide on the forum.