Can anyone suggest a Video Player?

I installed Zorin OS 16.1 Core. am looking for a video player similar to MediaPlayer (windows). I like that I can create playlists, that uses links to the videos so that I can keep all my videos in one place and just play the ones I want. Any suggestions? Any video tutorials on a video player? Thank you!

I using VLC

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I would take a look at Kodi, SMPlayer and Banshee.

VLC would be good . I even like the default one .

Well it is possible gived a playlist and save but idk if someone can more explain how to use that VLC but this video player is very simple with many settings and codecs.

Thank you all for your response. I did end up downloading VLC because I was vaguely familiar with it. I played with it a bit today trying to become more familiar with it. Managed to make it my default video player by going into Settings and setting VLC as default player.

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Depends on what you need for linux the best one is VLC some others are Kodi and MPlayer which have their uses

Actually I downloaded VLC and made it my default player. So now I can stream a video from my computer to my TV using VLC-and it was easy!

Using Zorin 16.1 OS, I can:
Stream my local videos from laptop to TV (VLC Player)
Stream YouTube TAB from laptop to TV (Chromecast)
Stream other website TABS from laptop to TV Chromecast) without sound

Still not able to cast desktop (laptop screen) with sound.

I have done this, but i was using Samsung smartview with a Samsung tv. I'm not sure there is a way... because you are mainly using a wireless display...hdmi would be the best to achieve this.

hank you for your response.

Actually, what I did to correct the issue was look on YouTube for Windows 10 "turn on sound" and I mimicked the advice and went into my sound settings. Then I was able to switch the sound from "internal" to "TV".

This works great. I turn on my computer and TV and the screen automatically shows on both. Then I start a movie. Both picture and sound work perfectly.

Problem solved!

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