Can anyone tell me if i'm hacked

can anyone tell me if i'm hacked,
i checked Facebook, but the URL has changed to: (with the additional a between the os)
this is a screenshot to the error message and the bizarre url that comes with it

That is an unclaimed domain. You probably are not hacked, though it is possible that your browser is hijacked - I would actually recommend troubleshooting your net connection, first.
If you are being redirected from a known facebook url to that link, that may indicated your browser is hijacked. But if you arrow keyed to that url from your history, it may just be a typo preserved in your history.


i clicked twice, the second time, i was pretty sure that there was no error in the history, but i got the same error

What happens if you google search facebook, then click the link provided?

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after the dns error was gone, i enter to Facebook with the legitimate url , it remains the same, no changes has occurred

Ok, then it may be a chrome extension hijacked your browser.
Can you close the browser, then run

sudo apt remove google-chrome-stable --purge && rm -rf /.config/google-chrome ~/.cache/google-chrome && sudo rm -rf /etc/default/google-chrome


sudo apt install google-chrome-stable


You Should Probably use the option in the web browser that clear's history every time you close the browser. Try it just for a while because it removes most of the low grade hacker bugs. Also, Try a V.P.N for a while to protect data leak during an attack.
As, @Aravisian the domain you reached does not Belong to facebook. So, don't do anything stupid there. It's like an open box for idiots to enter there private data.

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Is the problem just on one browser?

I would suspect a browser extension. Remove them all and see if fixed. You can always add essential ones again one by one.


Please let us know, If you are fine after the attack.
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