Can convert partition from ntfs to fat32 in linux without losing data?

can convert partition from NTFS to fat32 without losing data in Linux, there are apps in windows that do that like EaseUS, AOMEI?

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You can't convert NTFS to FAT32 without losing data in Linux but you can convert NTFS to Ext4 without losing data:

I actually would have thought in Windows it would have to be FAT32 to NTFS - never known a journaling partition/drive to be able to convert the other way.


Thank you for that good information, it's good to know that: I can convert NTFS to EXT4 without losing data with GParted.
for converting NTFS to Fat32 without losing data, I can use windows for that with live iso without dual-boot Windows/Linux . and I think I can use these tools for any windows app I must need, so no need to wine or Virtualbox. (Hirens BootCD)

(I have used that software) but should not be promoted as it is deemed illegal as it uses a non-certified (CoA) version of Windows 10! Mentioning it on other forums leads to bans!

That may just be rumor:

Well on my local city forum it is not allowed, period!

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There is "better safe than sorry" to consider. I do not know if it is fully legal or not. It's just you know me... I try to fact check as often as possible. :grin:

I think it is fully legal. it's not using as operating system,all apps in it is legal and free ,not cracking. it's like clonezella, systemrescuecd,etc.
Windows PE (WinPE) is opensource, so any one can use it in their project for that purpose.
Windows PE (WinPE) | Microsoft Docs

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