Can I change desktop environments, 15.3 Ultimate?

I purchased Ultimate several months ago. I am very happy with it. However, the machine on which I’ve installed it is an older machine. I have questionable performance, especially when using a browser. I would like to change my DE from GNOME to Xfce. A few months back, “AZorin” responded to a similar forum post and recommended that, to get Xfce, one’s best option is to do a full OS reinstall with Ultimate Lite. I loath this idea. I’m deep into Ultimate and a full OS reinstall will require a lot of reinstallations, configurations, and application and library rebuilding. It seems somewhat antithetical (to the UN*X/Linux philosophy) that one cannot pick and choose a desktop environment.

Is there any way that I can install Xfce without compromising Zorin’s stability, as noted in the post by “AZorin” … ?

While installing the copy of Ultimate Lite that came with your purchase is Ideal, it is not required. You also have the option of dual booting Zorin Lite alongside- though I suspect that does not apply well in your case.
But yes, you can install just about any Desktop Environment you want and I do it all the time. Sometimes for testing, for theme making and sometimes just out of being exploratory.
You can install with

sudo apt install xfce4

And you may want to

sudo apt install zorin-os-desktop-lite

On my own list of D.E.'s I have installed onto Zorin OS, includes

on Zorin with no problems.


How do you like running Cinnamon? I ran Linux Mint Cinnamon for the longest and really like it. I am tempted to install Cinnamon onto my ZorinOS Ultimate

I will be blunt - mostly because I have had a long day and am not feeling up to diplomacy…
I fully support the Linux Mint development team. They are a great crew that speaks out loudly in support of FOSS. We need that.
That being said… I have always found Mint to be a bit clunky. It bogs down with usage pretty quickly. Mint 20 is a stark improvement, mind you.
When I was experimenting and installed Cinnamon Desktop on Zorin OS, I did so with low expectations.
But I was beyond pleasantly surprised. It runs fast and stays fast. The only way I can bog it down is if I install it on Zorin 32bit on a 20 year old computer. That will finally slow it down.
Now, I only use Cinnamon, installed on Zorin OS Lite.
I prefer to use the embrosyn repo, in order to get the later version of Cinnamon. The Ubuntu Repo is still offering 3pointsomething.

If you would like to try it out,

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:embrosyn/cinnamon

sudo apt install cinnamon-desktop-environment

If you prefer a more minimalist installation, without all the Desktop Environment apps;

sudo apt install cinnamon

sudo apt install cinnamon-core

I started out minimalist, but now just install the full D.E. as it does not come with much in the way of clutter, but does include a lot of things I end up installing anyway.