Can I change the command to open the calculator app?

Can I change the command to open the calculator app from the "Run Command Prompt". I can open it by typing the command:


This is too long. So can I change the command from "gnome-calculator" to simply "calc" as it is in Windows?
Coming to think of it possible to set/change commands for other softwares as well?

This question is complex.

Short answer: no.

Long answer, it is possible if you really know a lot and know what you are doing. Such as being able to modify .bin files. But this comes with a large variety of other problems, like having those apps updated.
The short answer is a solid one.

You typed far, far more in asking about how to shorten something than you would have in typing "gnome-calculator."

Another option would be to install and launch / use a different calculator application that has a shorter name.
Or, launch gnome-calculator in a different way, like a keyboard shortcut. Or a custom launcher. Or added to your panel...


That solves the problem.
Thank you for you response. :thinking: :thinking:


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