Can I downgrade the kernel?

See this issue: Driver installation breaks OS graphics and sound · Issue #250 · tbsdtv/linux_media · GitHub

Can I downgrade the kernel to 5.8 or even 5.4?

Will it totally bork the installation of Zorin 16

Yes, you can downgrade to the 5.8 kernel and I am reasonably sure the 5.4 kernel should work just fine, too.
You can use Synaptic Package Manager to ease the task - Search for "linux-headers" on Synaptic and follow the prompts o ensure all packages get installed (modules, image...)


Did that but now my display is borked

In Synaptic what do I do with the entries? Sorry for my noobness

Your screenshot shows kernel 5.11.0 in use.

In Synaptic, search for Linux-headers from the Top Toolbar.
Scroll all the way down to linux-hwe-5.8-headers-5.8.0-25
Right click it and select to Install it.
Now type in the Search linux-modules
Scroll all the way down to linux-modules-5.8.0-25-generic. Right click it and select to Install.
Now type in the Search linux-image
Scroll all the way down to linux-image-5.8.0-25-generic. Right click it and select to Install.

With all the above selected to install, now click the Apply button on the Top Toolbar.

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Once he is successful in getting that done, we can then move onto the next step, which will be using Synaptic to put locks on new kernels, to prevent the system from updating to them.

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Sorry that screenshot was related to an earlier issue I had on my sons laptop

I will now try your suggestions and report back...


Yes I was kind of wondering about that

Selecting 5.8 in grub menu it fails to boot

I may have contributed to this, in my grub menu I have:

5.11.36 which was my up to date and I installed the program which gave me the original issue ie borked graphics

5.11.34 which was the previous kernel and still working typing on it now

5.8.25 wont boot after installing the new modules

5.4.0 me trying to do it without asking for help graphics borked

I have been using linux for a few months now, if this is going to be my full time OS going forward issues like this are helpful in a way I have to get used to dealing with problems like this

Ok my original issue with 5.11.36 how do I fix that first and then work backwards? Obviously I need to uninstall the tbs linux driver: Home · tbsdtv/linux_media Wiki · GitHub

Even installing that gave me a lsdiff problem which I had to research lol, problem is booting into that grub now my graphics are severly borked but still sort of usable

Edit: some further reading on the issue ast driver fails to load on Ubuntu 20.04 · Issue #240 · tbsdtv/linux_media · GitHub

OK, lets try a couple of things. When you boot into grub, select the 5.11.36 driver in advanced options if its available to you.

If you try to boot and you still get a black screen, restart the computer, go back into GRUB menu, and select go terminal window if you can.

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Hopefully this will help get you going again. This is all I have for now.

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