Can I get Help removing Windows App Support?

I am Not able to remove Windows Appt Support, Can I get some HElp?

Might try to use synaptic manager and remove it from there

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Shouldn't be an issue - just done it on my VM of Zorin - when you click on remove you will be asked for your login password to elevate you to root to remove. If it says that /var/dpkg is locked then you might have another process running as root such as Synaptic Package Manager or Software Updater is updating the OS.

I already tried remove option (screenshot?) but your Software store is broken. I canceled the installation in between and then it Says that the Package does not exist and is stuck with the remove option. I am trying to remove it via apt but I do not know the package name.

It sounds like a corrupt install of the package. I would launch Synaptic and attempt to use the option 'Fix broken packages'. If that doesn't work I would try reinstalling Gnome Software Center:

You could try the terminal command:

sudo apt remove --purge zorin-windows-app-support -y


I did install a few apps and most of them didnt work so I uninstalled wine,
but now i have some icons of previous apps i installed from wine, any idea about how to remove them?
Screenshot from 2022-12-19 16-20-25
Screenshot from 2022-12-19 16-20-17

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