Can I get rid of the big blue bit at the top of the forum?

Is there a way to remove the massive blue search box at the top of the forum?

It's a bit annoying, imho.

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I don't know TBH, I think that's there to remind (mostly new and returning) users what the purpose of this forum is.


No, not unless you're running the server.. You don't get to control websites from your system

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Since i reference this forum a lot, I have developed the habit of scrolling down to just below it, on the latest tab.

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Yes...use a Element Blocker in your browser. Will probably be an extension you will need to install.

I agree, it is highly annoying to me and I blocked it with an element blocker. I find it equally annoying when a website takes the top 5 inches of my screen with their header/menu/cart/etc. information as I scroll down the page.

But..I find a lot of things annoying like websites that right off the bat ask me to sign up for their newsletter. I immediately leave that site and do not do business with them. It has gotten where one can no longer cruise the internet without annoying begging from someone to subscribe to a newsletter or buy something. Even reading something educational and after a few minutes the clown web developer will pop up a box begging you to subscribe.

Interrupting my shopping or reading and I leave. I don't deal with website beggers or obnoxious websites.

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Thank you.
I had just installed ublock origin this morning on vivaldi as I found browsing amazon on firefox didn't have the annoying sponsored links. I had had a thought that maybe I could block an element on here with it but I'd forgotten at the time.

I had hated the default categories view too but you can remove that in user control panel.

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Just use any adblocker and select hide something on this page and point to the big blue box you want to hide , That it done the big blue box will be forever gone!

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