Can I go to Pro without reinstalling the whole pc?

Yeah, the question is in the topic. Can I switch to a Pro version without reinstalling the whole computer? I would like to support creators and get a bit more options out of the box. But with reinstalling it, I will probably just wait for the option if there's not one.

You should be able to apply the Pro Packages by burning the Zorin PRo .iso to your USB stick, then booting into your installed Zorin OS. Open Software & Updates and navigate to Other Software.
Check the box for cdrom:[ZorinOS....
This will enable using the Pro .iso as an installation Source. You can then install the Zorin OS Premium Desktop, premium packages, layouts, etc.
Be Sure to UnCheck the cdrom:[ZorinOS.... box once you have completed all of your installing.


One of the big goals for Zorin 17 is to support big release updates and switching between editions, but right now that isn't a thing

First before doing anything, make sure you backup your /home folder together with hidden files as these hold application settings (such as .mozilla will hold all your settings for Firefox. Aravisian's method is the safest bet. Alternatively you could just install the Pro version to '/' and tell the installer not to format '/home' or 'swap' - all of this will depend on whether you created separate partitions in the first place for '/', '/home' and 'swap'.

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